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Golden Goose AI

The Golden Goose Deep Learning AI Neural Network is a

proprietary Math based AI engine developed by our team to

be able to trade in and out of different types of investments

with continual micro-transactions based on patterns it can

identify from deep learning. Our developers and analysts work

together to teach the “Brain” by entering the proper data

points needed to make the right decisions. Once the “Brain” is

taught all the data points needed to start trading it will

continue to learn on its own and identify its own patterns

beyond human capabilities at the speed of light.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What it is: AI is a broad field of computer science focused on creating machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks can include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding language, and recognizing patterns.

Example: A chatbot that can answer your questions or a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa that can follow your voice commands.

Neural Networks

What it is: Neural networks are a subset of AI inspired by the way the human brain works. They consist of layers of interconnected nodes (or "neurons") that process and transmit information. Neural networks are designed to recognize patterns and make decisions based on the data they are trained on.

Example: A neural network can be trained to recognize handwriting or to identify objects in images, like distinguishing between pictures of cats and dogs.

Deep Learning Neural Networks

What it is: Deep learning is a more advanced type of neural network with many layers (hence "deep"). These deep networks are capable of learning complex patterns and representations from large amounts of data. The more layers a neural network has, the more sophisticated its learning capabilities become.

Example: Deep learning is used in advanced applications like self-driving cars, which need to process vast amounts of data from cameras and sensors to understand and navigate their environment safely.


In Simple Terms

  • AI is like teaching a computer to think and make decisions.

  • Neural Networks are like creating a mini-brain inside the computer to recognize patterns and learn from data.

  • Deep Learning takes neural networks to the next level, making them more powerful and capable of understanding very complex data.

Valeria Explaining Our Technology

Luc Explaining The Process

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